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ELP-IP1881W No web virus

About ELP usb video camera  ELP-IP1881WI.

What's matter?

Don't worry,this advice from our amazon customers.


First of all I would like to calm down who bought this camera in the past, despite the browser's warnings there is no danger.

For those who want to buy this camera instead know that a new firmware (July 2016) has just been released that solves all problems with the webserver, including the phantom link to the dubious website (which was initially designed to download Automatic plugin). Now the ip cam works well in firefox and internet explorer along with all the IP and DVR camera management programs that support the ONVIF standard.

For instructions on how to update just do a search on google by entering as keywords "IP1881W update"

This IPCam can be used with firefox using the quicktime plugin, or from internet explorer, via active x provided

It supports the ONVIF standard, so it does not necessarily need a browser or dedicated applications to run, in fact you can open it with any DVR program such as iSpy or even with VLC, for tinycam viewing and working on the big screen.



✔ Very small, smaller than a gopro.

✔ Wireless operation (wifi)

✔ Compatible with the ONVIF standard and any application for viewing or managing IP cameras and DVR hardware systems

✔ Excellent optical quality

✔ The resolution is great, the 720P are real and not interpolated.

✔ Removable antenna.

✔ Recently updated firmware

✔ Good viewing even in low brightness