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How to install Mini IP Camera ELP-IP1881?

HOW to set up ip camera

How to install Mini IP Camera ELP-IP1881?

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IP camera install


Video with a basic configuration for use with CMS or IE

Very small IP mini-router very small (can be easily hidden) and with amazing HD video quality at 720p. Manual focus capability and metal bracket. It is ONVIF compatible with everything that involves integration with DVR recorders, with NAS, with Sinology, or with the Blue IRIS program.

How to install this ip camera? (You can see it in the video)

The camera is installed by default on ip

We have to do a little preparation with the IExplorer, and that is that you have to activate the possibility of Execute ActiveX Content. (Tools - Internet Options - Custom Level) and find and activate the Active X On the mechanics to be able to see the camera with the software ... .best to see how I do it in the video. Better an image than 100 words.


How to download the App? (See it in the video)

There is an app for Android and iOS, the first time we enter the internet explorer to see the camera you will see in the right part 3 points clouds with the data of the App, and also the code of access by internet.

My opinion:

It is not an eye-catching camera because of its size. It goes completely unnoticed. The lens is professional, 3.6mm. Both brightness and definition are quite good. And the quality of the video is amazing.

If we are looking for a minicamara we will not be disappointed.