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ELP usb camera module for machine,robot,VR vision

Today we will upload three video with machine vision.

1.machine vision

All kinds of machine as below :

Machinery equipment,POS equipment,TV BOX,LED display,automatic vending machine,safety box,notebook,video door phone,Tablet external,Medical Equipment,simple security system,teaching system,automobile data recorder,project video capture,credit card machine,attendance machine,voting system,high speed video shooting device,exam system,driving learning system,industrial camera,biological microscope,box inside surveillance,micro HD surveillance,endoscope,etc.

2.Robot and VR equipment vision

If you want to know product with robot vision,you can check ELP usb camera module.

If you want to know product with VR equipment vision,you can check ELP dual lens camera module.

3.this interenting robots video from pixy camera.