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Working ELP camera : 7 Amazing picture

Diy halloween gift

1.Picture from Ars Technica project,they were making the Coolest Halloween Costume Ever.

Product: ELP 2mp usb camera module

make home microscope

2.Picture from Roman,he was making a mini power home-made microscope

Product: ELP camera module

checking eyes by camera

3.Picture from Japan friend,he was checking eyes with ELP usb camera.

Product: ELP-USB130W01MT-MF40

Observing insect activity

4.Picture from Vanceance,he was Observing insect activity with ELP camera and old microscope.


checking for auto

5.Picture from Germany friend,he was observing and recording technical procedures for auto.

Product:ELP varifocal camera ELP-USBFHD01M-BFV

Observing plants

6.Picture from Ukraine friend,he was Observing plants and trying do different,which use zoom camera as SLR camera.

Product: ELP-USB130W01MT-SFV

testing delay effects

7.Picture from Roberts,he was testing delay effects with ELP camera.

Product: ELP-USB500W05G-SFV

If you can connect wifi,it is better watch the video.