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1080p HD usb camera ELP-USBFHD01M-L21 amazon question

Does this only work on mac?

No, I used it with a raspberry pi. I controlled it using fswebcam and cv2 libraries.

How do you get the 60Hz framerate specified? I get less than 30Hz for all resolutions on windows and linux.

the 60fps is when setting the resolution into 1280x720p, then it will be 60fps.

Do you have a model with 60 degree FOV?

Dear PhysicsGuy, if you want 60degree FOV, I think you can test our 3.6mm lens model.

and also 6mm lens model to see whether can just the view angle you required. Then link is as below:


Does anyone else have one of these with heat problems? after 30 min of viedo, my usb camera and lens gets so hot i cant touch it.

No problems with heat and I have two of these.