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Amazon customer questions & answers ELP-USB500W02M-L21

USB Camera android

Would this usb camera android work witha Raspberry Pi?

I have not run it on a Pi but it is advertised as running on Linnux so I assume it will work with the Pi. You may need to go to the manufacturers website for drivers. The also have a sparse viewer. 


Does this produce come with a USB cable attached?

Yes, same as the picture 


What kind of lens mount does this board have? Is it an M12/S-mount? Or is it something else?

Answer: Yes, it is an S-mount with M12 threads. 


what software should I use?

Answer: You can use any webcam acquisition software, movie maker is the default for windows, and imovie will work for mac.


Questions & Answers from this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KA83C8O/