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Eva displays usb camera module ELP-USBFHD01M-L36


Hello, this is Eva from Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd. Our brand name is ELP. We are developer and manufacturer of USB camera module. Today I want to show you our hot sale 2MP High Speed USB Camera module.


1. With 1/2.7” OV2710 Sensor

2. Full HD 1080P USB Camera

3. Can achieve Mjpeg 100-120fps at 640x480 resolution, Mjpeg 30fps at 1920x1080 resolution, Mjpeg 60fps at 1280x720 resolution

4. High frame rate, high speed, can use the camera to shoot moving objects. Some clients used for golf 

5. Small size: 38x38mm/ 32x32mm

5. Many lens optional, default lens:3.6mm,  also can use other M12 2.1mm , 2.8mm, 6mm , 8mm, 12mm lens and wide angle fisheye lens, varifocal 2.8-12mm etc

6. With 1m cable as default  (2m, 3m, 5m cable optional, also can customize the cable)

Today I will show you the camera with 3.6mm lens, Model ELP-USBFHD01M-L36, You see, the camera is with one lens, one cable, one camera board.  As mentioned before, you also can choose other lens and cable.

Nextly, let’s see how to use the camera, The camera support windows, linux and Android system. We test it in the windows system as an example.

1) Connect the usb camera into the usb port of computer or other device.

2) Open our test software called “ AMCAP”. You can see the menu bar here.

Click “device” --choose “USB Camera”  Click “options” --choose “preview”. Now you can see our camera image.

Click” options” -- “audio capture filer”----can control the microphone

Click” options” -- “video capture filer”--- can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturability, definition, Gamma, white balance, back light contrast, gain and exposure value here.

Click” options” -- “video capture pin”---can choose different resolution here

Click “capture”-- choose “start capture” choose storage path and set file name & capture file size. Click OK,  Then it start to capture video. After finished, click “stop capture” to stop.  If you want to capture audio at the same time , please choose “ capture audio” here.

Click “photo” to take picture.

Now we will show you some sample video from our this usb camera module.

By the way, our usb cameras support windows, linux and android system.

Usually we don’t supply the software for the cameras. The clients develop the software by themselves.

Because most clients use the camera together with their device, need use their special professional software.

If you do not develop software, for windows system, you can use “Amcap” software

For linux system, you can use” OpenCV” software.